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Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…or something like this:

The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

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  1. Supported
    ■ Internet connection (SOCKS proxy required)

    ♪ Sexy Sounds Radio Widget♪

    Sexy Radio Widget lets you listen to music while you browse the Internet. It is the perfect app for people who would like to start or restart their day with the perfect beats!Choose from over 500 00, 24 and 1 hour radio station formats covering genres of pop, hip hop, house, country, americana and jazz.

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  2. Do you frequently use Skype for Microsoft Windows and want the application to work better? Here’s how to do it.
    In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about the Skype for Microsoft Windows app, and how to make it work better, however you decide to.
    We all know Skype is a very powerful application, but like many other programs, Skype for Windows sometimes works not the best. Let’s take a closer look at why that

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  3. Not to mention the fact that the app is free.

    Fixed-Synch Droid Project

    Unless you are living on another planet and haven’t been reading my blog recently, you will already have guessed that I think or botany is an amazing thing… well, it sure is. Here is a quick recap, about DroidWay and how it started.
    – Done using

    After much thought, I’ve decided to start using DroidWay as my primary tool for demonstrating Android applications.

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  4. Publisher’s Description

    Stopwatch is a timer which allows you to track and measure time. It displays time using a digital display, supports an external mouse and keyboard, includes hotkeys, let’s you start and stop timing, set a rest time for the view and save the results on disk.

    It is a small and useful utility that can be useful in industry and/or a simple time keeper. I like the features such as the enable’s or disable’s of hotkeys,

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  5. Indeed, the one disadvantage with Confide is that it requires you to be online all the time and to receive messages via email.
    The service is free of charge, and owners can use it on multiple devices. It comes with a self-protection system that makes the experience a secure one on the whole. A small footprint of Confide on a Windows desktop is not a critical point.
    Find out more about the messenger below.
    Technical details
    Software platform: Windows, macOS, Android and

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  6. It does exactly what it says it will do and does it effortlessly. Not a bad way to begin your evening.
    Read More

    Free downloads are a quite any kind of thing within the fruit of any market. In fact, they are the best possible method in which to market your company. Through internet downloads or websites, you can reach thousands of new customers and raise your revenue at the same time. For that to work adequately, you basically must use the best and most exclusive software

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  7. RSS Feedfetcher is an iOS app for adding and editing RSS feeds that lets you import feeds from your favorite sources and even allows you to create custom RSS feeds right on the spot.
    Once the process has been completed, feed links will then appear in your iPhone or iPad’s clipboard so that you can access them at any point. Here’s a detailed breakdown of features available so that you can pull up the information you want at the most convenient time.
    View a list of all your

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  8. To make the procedure as smooth as possible, users are recommended to have a current backup of important files, make sure all windows are closed, then perform a clean install using Setup Programs in Administrative mode.
    Then, perform the installation of software without rebooting. Just leave your computer running and reboot only after the setup is completely done.
    Once everything is returned back to normal, you should decide to continue with a regular cleanup or remove specific elements associated with Windows Installer and keep your computer on an

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  9. That’s it, you’ve successfully added Group Policy Editor to your Windows system. Now it will be easier than ever to manipulate config files and browse through them.
    Steps to Add Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) to Windows Starter, Home, or Home Premium. [Updated 9/20/2013]
    1. Download gpedit.msc from the following link:

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  10. Thanks to that, it’s not compatible with other types of files.
    DocLock is designed to secure private documents, pictures and other types of files. It’s not a total solution for digital privacy, but it enables you to split original files into zero-size locked files that can’t be recovered with specialized tools. In addition, it also completely erases original files or removes free space with encryption.
    As stated earlier, the latest version of the program

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  11. The application is in the public domain.
    #About the author
    Maximilian Alba Caimito is a software developer whose job used to be rough and tough as he had to work long hours in corporate workplaces. However, since he turned his back on the corporate world and started his freelancing career, he spends his days developing things that give him joy instead of having to make others around him very happy. He is a full-stack developer who writes in C#, HTML5

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  12. In addition to posting photos, you will want to send images to a friends wall or to a link on a website for promotion purposes. Advanced Uploader is a small and easy-to-use application that makes uploading this type of file simple and efficient. It can send images, as well as videos, video frames, PDFs and MS Office documents to Facebook, Flickr, Google+, YouTube, Weibo, WeChat, email and other Internet services. You need to do virtually nothing to

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  13. Unlock the potential of your photos with the enhancement and correction tools available in Photoshop. Convert, fix, crop and rotate digital pictures on the fly, and output to popular formats. Output professional-quality thumbnails with creative overlays.
    Author : tasthchow business
    Version : 0.1.98
    Category : graphics
    Platforms : Windows
    Keywords : Photoshop
    Rating : 4.84.1661879
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  14. Acronis True Image Home 2011 Netbook Edition is a solution consisting of a special edition of True Image Home 11 full-featured software and backup/recovery media. It includes everything you need to bring your files and media back from a dead or infected Netbook. The edition’s different tools allow you to resolve computer errors, remove objects, fix problems with damaged or corrupted files and media, and migrate data to a new computer.
    Many Netbook manufacturers recommend that you do not

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  15. Q:

    Can AReflectable.accessory frame be updated at runtime?

    I am using CoreAnimation in iOS and I want to reflect some of the CoreAnimation property changes based on the frame size and constraints of the object I am animating. A test case for this would be the CATransform3D.scale property. For instance:
    Frame A:
    transform = CATransform3DScale(transform,.7,.7, 1);

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  16. MODAS consists of over 50 years of combined optical design and analysis experience brought to you through an intuitive user interface.

    This article describes the elements that constitute MODAS. Some of these elements are already available. Other are in development.
    MODAS Key Features:
    Optical Systems and Products Integration
    From optical system simulation (Figure, Figure and enlarged view) to testing devices including measuring and imaging systems plus full integration with optic products (Figure).
    Optical Assembly Design

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  17. SketchBoard is a software that works with models in two categories, which are; Polyhedron models and Surface models. Polyhedron models are the basic models used in polyhedron design software whereas Surface models are used in simulation software.

    Features of SketchBoard

    SketchBoard supports following languages, SKETCHALANG.

    ,. SketchBoard is used for sketch conversion, as well as sketch review.

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    List of antivirus software
    Avira Phantom AV
    Avira Phantom AV Server


    Category:Antivirus software
    Category:Windows security software
    Category:2002 softwareFYI. It would be good to discuss this to the following extent.

    1. FAAs, which have been defined in the Order and are subject to the
    downstream rules, specifically Rule 22 which lists 5 situations in which
    FAAs no longer are
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  21. The calendar system is an important part of the Windows operating system as it enables you to keep your plans and commitments. Today, the task can be quite tough as most of the people tend to handle more than one calendar. As a result, they have to prioritize the time among them, and if not done with accuracy, it cannot but lead to issues such as:
    Late jobs
    Missed deadlines
    Unspecified times
    Lost commitments
    On the following part of this guide, you will
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  22. You can also apply that user’s default settings.
    Also the user can choose if the window will start upon opening Outlook or not.

    New in 2.6.7

    Bug Fixed in 2.6.6

    If the tool is selected without any data displayed in the left part of the dialog you need to wait for the tool to finish to see any results.

    You can configure the tool with your own settings by clicking on the buttons on the left.
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  23. There are two modes of operation; code mode and anagram mode. In code mode, the program accepts a series of letters to be rearranged.
    In anagram mode, an initial vowel is chosen to be the seed at which the letters must be rearranged.

    Sample session
    The use of this software is possible in three different ways:

    Choose a start letter and complete a series of alphanumeric characters as per entries in the order and in the
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  26. Download HireMate:
    In this HireMate tutorial, you will learn how you get HireMate working for your rental fleet’s inventory and documents – then, you can connect with…
    Easy Access to Image, File,…

    published: 02 Nov 2017

    How to install PocketCloud on Android or IOS

    Create free PocketCloud accounts from your Android or IOS
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  27. If you need more extensive functionality, Skim is most likely the right tool for the job. When focusing solely on file previewing, it provides two-way communication with the cloud, and makes it much easier to access media. With the application’s flexible option for conversion, it’s a powerful asset that made our list of the best desktop web browsers.1. Field of the Invention
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  28. 2d 1121, 1125 (10th Cir.1989) (injury to property clause also requires physical injury to person before a citizen suit can proceed).

    Although the dissent repeatedly cites the fact that the Act provides that “permit[ing] any oil discharge in violation” of the statute to be “immediately punishable by a civil penalty and an injunction” as justification for the conclusion that Congress intended to impose strict liability, this fact bears little relevance to the question
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  29. Airbus has announced it is launching a new type of aircraft, the A321XLR, which will have all the weight of a Boeing 747 but will be capable of flying faster than any other aircraft in production today.
    The double-engined twin-aisle jet was officially unveiled at the Farnborough International Airshow in England today.
    The 379-seater jet will have a revolutionary new landing gear that enables it to take off and land vertically, a world first.
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  30. Timer4Exercise performs the rest.
    The user interface is simple: it is sufficient to enter the set value for the desired number of seconds then press the ‘Submit’ button.
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    After pressing the ‘Submit’ button, Timer
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  33. Original release 15-May-2015
    Release Notes:
    – To create a subst drive, you can now choose both the first and the last letter for the drive name.
    – To change the current drive to another drive, XSubst allows the user to press Alt+Tab.
    – Removed the options to use the scroll bar or auto-scroll in the local context menus, resulting in less clutter.
    – Removed the option to control the status bar and local context menu.
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  34. In vitro evidence that autophagy and apoptosis are required for the elimination of senescent human cells in culture.
    Senescence was induced in human fetal dermal fibroblasts by serial exposure to 20 Gy of radiation. Cells that spontaneously did not divide from a confluent growth plate within 1 year were selected and termed radiation-induced senescent cells (RIS). Cell size as determined by nuclei number did not increase with passage number, so that terminal arrest leading to sen
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  36. Zip decompression is performed using compressed archives archiver zipx.exe. It’s specially built on the C# programming language, and thus can be downloaded from one of the supported sources: Google Code, Free or SourceForge (with permission of developers).
    To see hidden information of the computer, you should start the application and wait until it has finished loading the definitions. Then press the “Reload” button, and the definitions will appear.
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  37. Swedish developer Marcus Holmström created this piece of software because he was frustrated by the way most multimedia players work.
    While some allow you to search for a media item, while others make it possible to add your own via a file browser, and still others rely on a hard disk to store media, the program makers write that other functions are missing.
    Swedish DVD Player has a single screen, which shows different windows at the same time. They contain a
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    Easily Display All File or Folder Contents

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    Search Highlight
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  39. Any view added to the workspace is also displayed in the workspace, to be used and changed as you wish.
    Easy Project Explorer can add many views, and can be extended to include other views when needed. Both are available from the menu.

    When you need to inspect the structure of your model or create a new one using the Selection view, you can save it as a file and/or e-mail it. The Copy view can be used to copy and paste the contents of a
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    The program offers cross-platform support in Windows 7/8, Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS X.
    What is new in version 7.8.2:
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    — Fixed incorrect file extension in tests mode
    What is new in version 7.8.1:
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