• Export Certificates

    Tangible Goods for Export may be eligible for Sales Tax Refunds

  • Public Notary Services

    When an Official State Witness is Required

  • Income Tax

    Assistance in Filing all Personal and Business Federal Forms

  • Translation Services

    Translations in All Languages

  • Apostilles/ Authentications

    Certification of Documents for Use in Foreign Countries

  • Administrative Business Services

    Bookkeeping, Management, Planning

  • Forms/ Applications Filled

    Assistance with Applications and Forms

  • Power Of Attorney

    Assistance in Completing a Power of Attorney

  • Resumes & Letters

    Assistance in Resume and Letter Editing and Writingan

  • Business Consulting

    Assistance Startup and Organization of Small Businesses

  • Business Reporting

    Filing of State and Federal Business Reports

  • Office Methods

    Planning, Organizing, Coordinating and Controlling Office Activities With a View to Achieve Business Objectives and is Concerned with Efficient and Effective Performance of The Office Work

  • Articles/ Corporation Registration

    Articles of Incorporation Filing and Registration of LLCs, INCs and CORPs